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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  July 9, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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. >> >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. >> an apparent gun battle erupts inside a richmond apartment building. tonight, three people are dead. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> and hello, i'm heather holmes. richmond police tonight remain at the scene of that triple homicide. it happened inside a unit at the triangle court public housing complex. that's where our eric rasmussen is live tonight with new information from police. >> reporter: heather, police say they actually found the three men dead inside the front
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door of this unit. you can see the lights are on. i can tell you officers are still inside there right now. investigators are only labeling one of these men a victim, and they will only say that some sort of an argument sparked this exchange of gun fire, but i can tell you a lot of neighbors around here think this was an attempted robbery. richmond police say it was a grizzly scene when they found three men shot to death inside this home on triangle court after 4:30 p.m.. >> i did not hear the shot but i did hear the sirens. >> reporter: nakila turner leaves a few yards away. >> three people dead in the house so close to you, it touches me. >> reporter: michael anderson, dante deloony of oakland and a 28-year-old man who hasn't been identified yet. >> we can't really go into the details other than the investigation reveals that the people inside the house were all involved in interactions and
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that led to an argument and gun fire. >> reporter: police won't say what the argument was about but confirmed they questioned one person of interest and don't believe there are any other suspects outstanding, even in a place known for trouble where we found drug baggies in the grass and a stray shell casing beyond the crime scene tape, news of a triple homicide brought richmond's police team to the scene. >> you're not even safe in your own home. >> reporter: and has neighbors including turner demanding changes. >> i can't stop the violence but i just hope someone does real soon. >> reporter: and back here live, you can see again, police are working this crime scene. they've been going through a lot of evidence. that is their suv there as they collect some of this evidence. they say they found several guns inside this home which being have been used in this shoot out. we're live, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. within the last week, there have been six homicides in richmond. in a period of three hours last sunday, three men were killed in
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four separate shootings. richmond police increased the patrols following last weekend's violence. today no arrests have been made in any of those shootings. a car went into a building in san francisco's glenn park neighborhood this evening. new at 10:00, you can see the car that sped into reverse when the elderly driver accidentally hit the accelerator when he was trying to park. it happened at bosworth and diamond streets just across from the glenn park park station. the driver was taken to the hospital but his injuries were not considered serious. no one else was injured. a worker is in the hospital tonight after he was seriously injured when he made contact with a live power line while working on the new transbay terminal project. patti lee is in san francisco where we're learning what led up to that accident. >> reporter: three separate investigations are currently under way to address that question by pgd, the fire department and cal-osha, and until they're completed, this
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construction project has been put on hold. on the 100 block of freemont, a big gig has been halted. earlier today, crews were working on relocating underground utilities for the transit center. but at 12:30 this afternoon, a subconsultant for the company m squared hit a high voltage wire, the sparks causing third degree burns to his hands and face. >> they were trying to clear some facilities out. >> pg & e says because construction on the terminal is a multi-year multi-phased project, it won't shut off power to the line because it will impact too many customers. >> it hurts, it just hurts. >> reporter: these veterans of the construction business walked by the site to find out what happened and were devastated to hear one of their own had been injured. >> i'm a pile driver and as a pile driver, you know, you don't know what's under ground and it's always a risk. >> reporter: pg & e says the
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subcontractor have detailed maps of what lies under ground and that everything is marked in paint prior to a dig. >> a job of this size and of this magnitude, really there's a lot of moving parts so everybody needs to exercise a lot of caution and safety always has to be the top priority. >> reporter: today's accident is the first since transbay demolition started here more than a year ago, and less than an hour ago the transit center spokesman gave me an update on the injured worker. he's expected to recover. reporting live in san francisco, patti lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. san francisco police will pay more toward their pensions after approving a new contract today. an additional 3% of their salaries will go to the pension fund over the next two years. in exchange, the city agreed to no layoffs the remainder of this fiscal year. officers will receive 3% of a previously agreed to raise. mayor ed lee is asking workers to make concessions to ease the city's budget deficit.
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if firefighters agree to a similar plan, it could save the city $31 million over the next two years. to japan now where another large earthquake off the damaged northern coast today rattled nerves. the 7.0 quake was centered about 131 miles east of sendai at about a depth of 11 miles. a tsunami warning was issued and there is a report of a 4-inch tsunami hitting the north coast. that warning though has since been lifted. japanese officials said they had no reports of disturbances from today's quake at at at at at the fukashima nuclear plant. you may remember there was a crisis there and 23,000 people were killed. one of the survivors of last week's deadly fishing boat accident in mexico is speaking out about his ordeal.
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why the man says there should be hope for more survivors. >> reporter: when the boat sank a week ago in the sea of cortez, survivor charles gibson said he felt strangely abandoned. >> it was surrealistic. i mean, i'm here and as i saw the ship pointed this direction, just like the titanic, it went slowly, i could read the name, eric, as it went down into the water. >> reporter: gibson is chief of police for the community college district. he says his life preserver did just that. a gift he received only after a wave knocked him off the boat. >> a good friend, glenn wong, who had a vest and floatation device, took his vest off and handed it to me. gave me a big smile and said charles don't say i never gave you anything. >> reporter: gibson spent 16 hours alone before making it to an island. he was exhausted and slept. >> i remember waking up seeing two guys by the same boerlds
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where i was and i yelled to them, watch out for those rocks, and all of a sudden they flew away. they were these big birds but i was hallucinating because i hadn't had water. >> reporter: after he and the others were rescued, some said the crew of the feshing boat fended only for themselves but gibson says he saw them. as for the search that continues today, he holds out hope for the seven men missing. >> i just hope they're somewhere on one of those islands out there waiting to be helped. >> the coast guard station says a c 130 conducted its fifth day of searching off the mexican coast with no sign of the missing. we're getting some new pictures of that doomed fishing veszyle, the eric, charles gibson shared these photos from aboard that ship. one photo shows the bunks below deck where the fishermen were
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sleeping last sunday when it began to sank. there was also an ice chest on board. they were able to cling to the ice chests as floatation devices when the vessel went down in rough seas. we'll have more on the unedited video of the fishermen being rescued last week. in hayward, a stand off with a gun man who fired at police officers ended this morning with the suspect shooting himself. police tried to arrest the unidentified man suspected of beating another man at about 10:00 last night. that's when he fired two or three shots at officers. no one was hurt. the suspect hold up in an apartment complex on cypress avenue, the stand off ended juv before 5:00 a.m. when the man shot himself in the head. he is listed in critical condition. about a mile and-a-half away, at least four people suffered stab wounds in a fight early this morning. police say it all happened around 1:00 a.m. in the parking lot of the biju restaurant and bar on b street.
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one person was stabbed in the stomach. one suspect is reportedly in custody. a 5-year-old boy and his mother are in the hospital tonight after their car was hit by someone fleeing police in a stolen hummer in valeo. the highway patrol tells ktvu officers tried to stop the hummer just before 9:30 in fairfield. the chase continued into valeo. the 17-year-old unlicensed driver was speeding and lost control at broadway and tuami streets hitting three cars at a stop light. >> a cloud of smoke went up in the air, i thought i'd better see what's going on. by the time i got over here, there was valeo pd and other cops, guns drawn, chasing people everywhere. >> at least five people were hurt, most seriously the 5-year-old boy who was sitting in his mother's lap in one of the cars that was struck. the 17-year-old suspect faces hit-and-run, evading arrest and stolen vehicle charges. the family of a 20-year-old
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man who was shot to death in oakland is in mourning tonight. ezra flowers was one of six people shot sunday evening. he was shot in the 700 block of international boulevard around 10:00 that night. he died last night at the hospital. police say it's not clear if all the shootings are related. no arrests have been made and no suspect information released. three teens are being charged as adults for the murder of a 70-year-old market owner in fairfield. jasmine phraser, albert smith and james young, all 17 years old are accused of killing kim. they attacked him with pepper spray and stole his cash register. the coroner says he died later that night of heart problems related to the attack. a 15-year-old boy is being charged also in juvenile court, along with 18-year-old chelsea johnson. it may be legal in california, but federal officials say medical marijuana is not acceptable for any use. the drug enforcement
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administration ruled yesterday that marijuana should remain classified as a highly dangerous drug, just like heroin. this comes almost nine years after medical marijuana supporters urged the government to reclassify the drug to reflect research of its effectiveness in treating certain diseases. advocates plan to appeal the ruling in federal court. two fighter jets intercepted a small plane near camp david today where president obama is spending part of his weekend. officials say the aircraft was out of radio communication this afternoon. it was escorted out of restricted air space and landed without incident. president obama will stay at camp david overnight. tomorrow, the president will head back to white house and meet with congress to try to reach a deal on the deficit but reaching an agreement will not be easy. republicans will not budge on tax breaks, and democrats don't want cuts to social security or medicare. yesterday, president obama urged both parties to try to work through their differences. >> if the american people sat up
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here and do the right thing not for party, but for country, so we're going to work together to get things done on their behalf. >> lawmakers hope to reach an agreement before the debt limit is reached on august 2. bring a gun, get cash, no questions asked. a look at what people turned in and how successful the program has been in one community. the ground zero monument in new york will soon be open to the public but you'll have to do the public but you'll have to do something first before you get
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>> more than 100 guns are now in the hands of police thanks to a gun buy-back program in east oakland. east palo alto, rather. what gun owners got in return. >> reporter: today in east pal palo alto. >> i hear gun shots all the time, people getting killed. >> reporter: high powered fire arms were filtering in off city streets. >> some friends owed me debt and guns are collateral. >> reporter: willy decided to turn them in for $100 apiece, money he and others gladly accepted from the city's gun buy-back program. >> i think it's great. it helps get guns off the streets. >> reporter: 42 rifles, hand guns and shot guns all turned in within the first 90 minutes.
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great start to what is the ultimate goal, trying to prevent what happened just last month. he's known as baby isaac. the 3-month-old was shot and killed while inside a parked car with his parents. police say it was a case of mistaken identity. >>, i mean, everyone took it pretty hard. >> reporter: sergeant david carson says gun violence is down about 57%, good, but not good enough. >> one less gun that's accessible to anyone is one less gun out on the street. >> the biggest factor and the change is the community that's stepping forward, no longer accepting that type of violence and crime we've had in the past. >> reporter: city council man david woods says 137 weapons were turned in through this program the last two years and now even more, and every one of them will be destroyed in the coming months. in east palo alto, mike mibach, ktvu, channel 2 news.
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demonstrations in support of california prisoners who are on an 8-day-old hunger strike. [drumming] >> activists are calling on corrections officials to negotiate with the prisoners. they're demanding better conditions and rehabilitation programs. the hunger strike began at pelican bay and has spread to several other prisons in the state. a powerful taxpayer's group is challenging the $150 a year they must pay to cover the cost of wild fire fighting. the fee is expected to generate about $250 million a year. the tax association calls that fee an illegal tax increase and is considering a lawsuit. friends and family of an iraq war veteran are mourning tonight after a bizarre roller coaster accident. army sergeant james hackmer was
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killed yesterday in upstate new york. officials say the 29-year-old was ejected from a roller coaster during a family outing. he lost his legs in iraq back in 2008. his family says they find comfort in knowing he died doing something that made him happy. >> however long he was on that ride, the minute, minute and-a-half, it was probably the only time in the last three and-a-half years that he felt completely normal. >> his family says they don't blame the theme park for the accident. the public will soon be able to visit the new york ground zero memorial in new york city but not without a ticket. starting on monday, people can reserve free tickets on the 911 memorial website to visit the area on september 12th. only family members who lost loved ones and dignitaries will be allowed to visit the memorial when it opens on the 10th anniversary of september 11th. the memorial built around the foot prints of the two towers
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can only hold 1500 people at a time. next week, both public and private services will be held to remember former first lady betty ford. mrs. ford died yesterday from natural causes. she was 93 years old. on tuesday, a private family prayer service will take place in palm desert. a funeral service is scheduled thursday in michigan. she is to be buried alongside her husband at the ford library and museum in grand rapids. it is day 2 of the royal newlywed's stay in california. today, the duke and duchess of cambridge spent the day in the sun and on the polo field. casey segal is in santa barbara. >> reporter: on the second day of their three-day visit to california, the british royal couple traveling by helicopter where the duke and duchess of cambridge walked the red carpet to participate in a charity polo match. >> we've had a busy few days, so
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the problem of being able to let loose this afternoon is wonderful to me, but that's what it's all about, be it polo, football -- sorry, i mean soccer, or whatever your preferred sports it. >> reporter: attendees paying at least 400 bucks for a ticket in the cheap seats, vip tickets going for $4,000. prince william playing the game and his wife presenting the trophy to the winning team. [cheering] newly weds arriving in los angeles friday after a nine-day trip to canada, their first foreign voyage since their wedding in april. this is prince william's first visit to california and kate's first trip to america. they're promoting british business ties to the us and highlighting charitable work, and, of course, people in california are excited. >> i think it's about like having history so close, you
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know, because it's kate's first time in america and the royal couple's first time in america. >> i just wanted to experience it because not everyone combets to see the royal couple and they gave it away. it was very cool. >> reporter: the royal couple will be visiting an inner city school in los angeles, skid row in the morning, and by afternoon, they will make a stop at a military job fair for american veterans before heading home to the uk. in santa barbara california, casey stegal, fox news. using humor and his own personal experiences, the dalai lama spoke in washington dc about how compassion and mental focus can be sustained. >> i lost my own freedom at the age of 16. then age 24, i lost my own
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country. a lot of difficulties, and a lot of responsibilities. however, i think comparatively i can sustain. >> the dalai lama was forced into exile after a failed uprising of the tibetan people against the chinese government in 1959. in march, he stepped down as the political leader of the exile to focus his attention as a spiritual leader. today, he said if individuals can create a calm mind, then together they can create a calm society. the conflict in libya where protesters in san francisco think the us should be doing instead of participating in those air strikes. one last edition, the final outcome of the telephone hacking
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>> celebrations in africa's newest nation, south sudan. they officially gained their independence from north sudan. the rebellion began in the 1960s with the government responding by bombing villages and massacring civilians. 1.5 million people died between the rebels and governed forces. the new president was sworn in today. despite all of that excitement, questions remain about relations with the north. south sudan is rich in oil but there's no agreement on how to divide oil revenues with its northern neighbor. demonstrators in san francisco today protested against america's involvement in the campaign to oust libyan leader leader moamar ghadafi. the group, act now to end war
11:56 pm
and racism, is calling to an end of the us participation in the nato led air strikes. the protesters argue the money would be better spent at time. >> all kinds of city and municipal workers are being laid off, and yet president obama has decided to launch yet another war. >> the obama administration says it joined the fight against the libyan leader to prevent the massacre of thousands of rebels. the president has been criticized for not seeking congress's approval first. in other news in the world, a brutal and bloody 24 hours of suspected drug gang violence in mexico. first in monterey, gun men sprayed bullets at a crowded bar, killing 20 people, including the hot dog vendor outside the entrance. outside mexico city, many bodies bound with handcuffs and tape were found with bullet wounds and some were found decapitated
11:57 pm
in a drug. the mexican officials say the crack down on the drug cartels comes down to violence by the gangs. from guatemala city, one of latin america's famous folk singers was killed in an ambush. police say it's not clear if the killer was targeted or an attempted robbery. he became famous in the 1970s as a protest singer. in 1996, unesco declared nebral a messenger of peace. vastly different versions of the death tollfrom the plane crash outside the congolese transport ministry says 127 people died and 51 survived when it went down in a rain storm yards from the airport. but the head of the airline company says 53 people died and 57 survived when the plane crashed. congo has one of the worst air
11:58 pm
safety records in the world. hira bora, that airline is on a european list of airlines banned due to security concerns and all carriers in congo are also banned. leon pineta says the us is in reach of strategically defeating al-qaida. he made the remarks after visiting the country and says the us is focused on killing 10 to 20 key al-qaida leaders. he met with the afghan president and also us troops. he led the cia before being named defense secretary july 1. uk tabloid news of the world is saying thank you and goodbye to its readers. you are looking at the final edition of the paper set to hit news stands tomorrow. this comes after allegations the tabloids journalists paid police for information and hacked into the voice males of murder victims, celebrities, and even the families of dead soldiers.
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it put 200 journalists out of work. more than 2,000 bay area men and women are starting a 40-mile walk. we'll tell you the cause and the inspiration behind them. dogs hav
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>> thousands of men and women put on their walking shoes and took off on a big hike to try to help defeat breast cancer. showing us why some walkers are so inspired. >> reporter: they walked with a sense of purpose and a surge of emotions. >> empowerment and energy. >> really inspirational. >> the feeling of elation, and people cry, and that's okay. >> reporter: they started the morning stretching and warming up in unison.
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then more than 2,000 men and women from the bay area and beyond set out on foot from fort mason. [cheering]. >> reporter: to start a two-day 40-mile walk, the avon san francisco walk for breast cancer. they went through mill valley, moren, over the golden gate bridge. >> reporter: all the people walking raised about 1800 dollars. the money goes towards breast cancer research and treatment programs and the money stays in northern california. >> the money raised helps breast cancer centers and community organizations they know in their community. >> reporter: some were inspired by loved ones they lost. >> missy is my sister who died 11 years ago and i said i would start walking for her. >> reporter: a few years later, the cause became even more personal for martha demont. >> i didn't know this but i had breast cancer already so in 2005, i was walking for myself, and i've been healthy ever since. >> reporter: participants say the rewards of working towards a
12:03 am
common goal make the fund raising struggles all worth it. >> it's stranger except for one reason, and the reason is breast cancer, and everyone either wants to avoid it or survive it. >> reporter: in san francisco, ali rasmus, ktvu news. tomorrow's san francisco's sunday streets program. they ban cars in one neighborhood and favor people on bikes and skate boards. john f. kennedy drive in golden gate park to ocean beach will be closed. well, you might think that celebration of all things related to corn would only happen in the midwest. you'd be wrong. red wood is hosting corn fest this weekend. thousands of people spent the day enjoying music, carnival rides and, of course, anything and everything made from corn.
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money raised at the event goes to local nonprofit groups. >> if you think about it, a lot of these groups that come out here, this is one big fund raiser each year. there's none that would survive without doing this. >> the corn fest continues tomorrow from 10:30 in the morning to 6:00 tomorrow night. to find events taking place this weekend across the bay area, go to and click on the weekend extra tab. work is under way to bring back a legendary north bay night club. sweetwater closed in 2007 after almost 40 years. it was known for big named stars and cozy atmosphere. investors told them they obtained rights to the name sweetwater and are renovating a masonic lodge in mill valley and hope to open the new sweet water sometime this fall. the santa cruz city council is hoping to lift a ban on dogs in the downtown area. they banned dogs back in 1976,
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in part because homeless people who didn't pick up after their pets. an effort to overturn the ban failed last year but dog owners hope the new bill, which requires dogs to have collars showing they are licensed and have been vaccinated will allow them to bring their pets back downtown. a former san francisco attorney faces multiple charges of organizing a ponzi scheme. 72-year-old robert tunnel collected $10 million between 2006 and this june, prosecutors say. he told investors he was making $2006 and this june, prosecutors say. he told investors he was making money but actually lost 7million and used the remaining $3 million to pay investors at a personal debt. he faces 7 counts of mail fraud, 13 counts of wire fraud and one count of money laundering. a busy day for the crew of the space shuttle atlantis. they inspected the heat shield. the crew did some final dotting of the i's and crossing of the
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t's with tomorrow's docking of the international space stags. this marks the final space shuttle flight. a beautiful day to watch the beautiful game. see how san francisco brought back memories of last year's world cup to soccer fans. you may notice it's really delicious, mom.
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for cleaner air and your right to breathe it. for those who want to quit smoking and for those who need them to. we're fighting for clear skies over every city and healthy lungs throughout the country. the american lung association isn't just fighting for air. we're fighting for all the things that make it worth breathing. join us in the fight at >> remember a few days ago we were talking about heat advisories. a different story tonight and the remainder of the weekend. the fog coming back and with that temperatures are cooling off. the trend continues. on live storm tracker 2, there's
12:09 am
the fog bank and patches extending into the bay. the oakland airport at last check reporting mostly cloudy skies to the northeast, because winds have been cranking up towards fairfield out of the west-southwest sustained to 21 miles an hour. this was the scene today looking out towards san francisco bay. you can't see from the city and quite a bit of boat traffic out there and patchy fog pushing out into the bay and as a result we cooled off quite a bit from yesterday's toasty readings inland. you can see the warmest locations in the 80s. san francisco only in the upper 50s at 59. for tonight, partly cloudy skies, fog will continue to be on the increase. tomorrow, most neighborhoods about the same or cooler. the real cooling that moves in in the extended forecast. overnight lows tomorrow morning with areas of fog mostly in the 50s, except santa rosa 49 degrees, san jose 53 and livermore in the lower 50s at 52. the key change as the cool
12:10 am
weather system moves in from the north, this will deepen the marine layer and the cooling trend continues monday and tuesday. for the coast tomorrow, patchy fog, partly cloudy in the afternoon hours. around the bay, morning fog. wind speeds picking up around 20 to 25 miles an hour. the inland spots, mostly sunny and warm. the extreme heat has moved out of the weather picture. here's the forecast model showing you some of the fog. first thing tomorrow morning at 6:00. once again, we could have drizzle showing up, especially coast side early sunday morning. as we put this into motion in the afternoon hours, the clouds go back to the shore line. even partly cloudy skies for the beaches with increase in sunshine for the rest of the region. here's our forecast beginning at 7:00 tomorrow morning, 53 t 58 degrees. by 12:00, a sun-cloud mix and partly sunny skies into the afternoon. the winds crank up and there's the eventual range, a few low 80s toward antioch and
12:11 am
brentwood. san jose at 76, morgan hill at 80 and san francisco around 62 degrees. here is the look ahead at your five-day forecast. the temperatures continue to cool off as you can see for monday and tuesday. warmest locations by wednesday, only in the low to mid-70s with a little bit of a bump in the number for thursday, that will take us into the upcoming weekend. i have a feeling probably by tuesday and wednesday we'll get more complaints in the weather department about how cool it is because the temperatures will drop off. >> we have a fickle bunch here, you know. too hot, too cold, it's never just right. >> i'm trying to get it just right. >> thanks. soccer fans gathered in san francisco. none of them were complaining about mark's forecast. they were there to watch the women's world cup on the big screen. >> got there at just the right time. >> the city is hosting free public viewings for the quarter final matches, just like it did for the men's world cup last year. city officials also plan to show
12:12 am
the semifinals coming up on wednesday and the finals on sunday. baseball history was made today in new york city and the giants played small ball against the mets. also, the oakland a's try to
12:13 am
12:14 am
>> good evening, everyone, and welcome to the saturday night edition of sports wrap. it was another game for the giants tonight. they went according to the formula they've used so successful this season. tim lincicum in an unusual outing retired two mets batters. in the first half, he retired carlos beltran, doubled and scored when daniel murphy hit
12:15 am
this off the big wall on the right. it's 1-0 mets. giants answer right back. they didn't exactly wear out the ball but got the job done. the chopper up the middle. he comes home. in addition, pat burrows faces the second one when short stop reuben tajada missed him with the tag. a similar looking play, the next batter. huff beats out the throw. sando val comes home. they got a run on the ground out in the seventh. sergio romo needed three pitches to scott harrison, the only batter he faced, sandiago casilla. one more for the giants before the all-star break as matt king takes the hill tomorrow to wrap up the series against the mets. when the a's headed to texas three days ago, they had visions of getting back into the american league west race.
12:16 am
instead, they've gone backwards. tonight's game the most devastating of the three straight losses. colby lewis had allowed 22 home runs, make it 23 after this one by josh willingham. that got the a's started toward a big inning. they started two more that had runners at second and third with two how it is. but matt sui hits a pop up that would have ended the inning, but he made contact with the bat, that causes an inference and allows him to come home. a's lead 5-1 heading into the fifth. the rangers struck for 3 to make it 5-4. in the fourth, home number 18 of the year for beltrade, game tied at 5. long ball in the seventh off tommy hunter. cocoa crisp who finds the season right. this is number 4 for crisp. the a's are back in front 6-5. it stayed that way until the bottom of the ninth, elvis
12:17 am
andrus manages a ground ball off bailey. puts connor jackson into the path of andrus. josh hamilton, 2-0, hamilton made him pay, no doubt about this that sends everybody home. the home run traveled 435 feet. it sent a disheartened group of athletics to their third straight loss, dropping them 11 games back. 7-6 the final. same two teams one more time tomorrow before the all star break. the yankees derek jeter came into the game needing two hits to hit 3,000 in the career. if you're going to reach a mile stone, this is the way to do it. hit number 3,000 for jeter and eighth homer of the year. he's the 28th major leaguer to reach 3,000. but it's the first player in
12:18 am
yankees' franchise history to reach the number. he wasn't finished. he got additional hits in the fifth and sixth and chances in the eighth. he drives in a run to break a 4-4 tie. jeter goes 5 for 5 as the yankees win 5-4. after the game, it was time to come clean. >> if i would have tried to written it and given it to someone, i wouldn't have even bought it, to be quite honest with you, because it's just one of those special days, you know, coming in, i've been lying to you guys for a long time saying i wasn't nervous and there was no pressure. i feel a lot of pressure to do it here at home so i have been lying to you for quite some time. >> the best two teams in the national league east were tied at 1 in the 11th inning. 1-1 against the phils and a runner on. a towering drive to the right for mccan. the second straight extra inning game between these two teams goes to the brave.
12:19 am
this time, 4-1, atlanta 2 1/2 back. our dodger fans in a foul mood these days? they're certainly staying away in droves. the dodgers did not have a hit until there were two outs in the ninth. with two outs, he followed with this drive, four dodger pitchers combine on a 1-0 shut out. la had only one hit in the win. the st. louis cardinals, 6-1 in the eighth, when albert puhull, the first shot since he came off the disabled list. in the ninth, with runners at first and second, rookie pinch hitter tony cruz, a walk-off rbi double, and a 7-6 come from behind win for st. louis. diamond backs are two games behind the giants in the ml
12:20 am
west. nascar continues to spread its product around the united states, learning for the first time tonight in kentucky speed way in sparta. kyle bush on the pool for the quaker state 400. this was an uneventful race. jamie mcmurray has to leave early. watch his car fill up with white smoke, quickly reducing his visibility to about zero. mcmurray pulls it over and ends up 35th. bush started on the poll and finished with a win. it was significant for a number of reasons. it was his third sprint cup of the year and pushes him past carl edwards. still to come on this saturday night edition of
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12:24 am
>> rain in colorado has caused all kinds of problems with the schedule in golf's women's us open. they did get two rounds wrapped up today, defending champion paula creamers within striking range. with a long par, finished at 70. she's in a group of 5, five strokes back. this is what you call pressure but michelle wee needs a birdie to make the cut. only five players are under par after two rounds. two of them are named miazato. this is i. miazato. dropped inside the door. that includes 68, good enough to be within one stroke of the lead. that lead is held by mika miazato bho made birdie on the third hole. both miazatos are from ikinawa
12:25 am
japan but are not related. the men are in illinois for the john deer classic. steve stricker is the defending champion. he approaches it and gets birdie range. he's shooting 66, 64 and now 63, getting pushed by de young who shot 63. he finishes his round with a birdie. stricker with 18 and needed this put to save par. two strokes ahead tomorrow into final round. pebble beach tomorrow, junior golfers are paired with older gays. seven birdies in route and has a two-stroke lead over a trio that includes bobby clampant. it's win or go home for the us soccer team and the world cup. the us tomorrow taking on brazil and marta, the best individual in the women's game in the quarter finals. the winner of that game will
12:26 am
meet france in the semifinals. england today leading france 1-0 until the 87th minute. here it is tied up. the game remained 1-1 and had to be decided by penalty kick. sonja bompaster from france, one of three french players, karen bardsly, came down to this. her shot hits the cross bar and deflects above the goal. france wins 4-3 and moves into the semifinals for the first time. that was a big story but not nearly as big as what happened to the two-time defending germany. a scoreless game against japan and in extra time, she outran the defense and let one fly from the corner. this would be the game's only goal and handed germany its first loss in the world cup tournament in 12 years. germany's last loss was to the us in 1999. the germans are eliminated,
12:27 am
japan moves on to the semifinals to meet the winner of sweden against australia. the earthquakes did something tonight they seem to specialize in recently. the quake finished in a scoreless tie with the philadelphia union. they're 5, 6 and 7 on the season and three from the bottom in the western conference. stage 8 of the tour de france which hit the mountains for the first time. the 117-mile stage. the winner was from portugal. the yellow jersey still belongs to a man from norway. he was one second in front of evans of australia. that will do it for this saturday night edition of sports wrap. see you again tomorrow at 5:00. >> see you then. thanks, joe. >> that's going to be our report for tonight, everyone. be sure to join ktvu starting at 7:00. they'll have the latest into the investigation on the triple homicide. >> our coverage continues online all the time at
12:28 am
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